Recent Board of Directors Minutes

Johnson County Missouri Historical Society Board of Directors Meeting November 30, 2021 6 p.m.

In attendance, Joyce Dorrell, Bruce Uhler, Lisa Treece Donna Holt, Bill Wayne, Peggy Nuckles and Jerome Anderson. Absent Kelly McFarlin
Guests, Tim and Fran Reed came by to thank us for supporting the Bruce Reed memorial toward end of meeting.
Secretary Report. Report read. Lisa moved to accept, Jerome 2nd and motion carried.
Treasures Report. Report viewed. Joyce moved to accept report, Jerome 2nd and motion carried.
Committee Report. Vision Planning Meeting.
The following were assigned to committees.
Old Business. Wifi now installed for better use for genealogical society.
Peggy is finalizing the DAR grant application for up to $10,000. Added information for estimated cost for electric according to Bolling is $12,500 Bio from Bruce still needed.
Budget planning is still needed at this point.
New Business. We need to contact City Commissioners for payment for storing county records this coming year.
Jerome said he will check into remolding stipulations of Davis store to comply with historic preservation grants.
Jerome is also working on a new membership letter for updating current members. He plans to send a draft in the days to follow meeting.
Phillips 66 has donated $500 for use of shooting photos at the Old Courthouse.
UCM/Lifelong Learning would like us to present a historic preservation report of resources and genealogy ancestry pitfalls. Jerome said he will tackle this as well.
Plans in the work for updating our password book.
Bruce announced we would have a meeting in December on the 14th.
Meeting adjourned.